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Between all the references written about the work of Marcos Torres, maybe the most accurate is what the writer and journalist Blanca Lacasa once wrote: “If Marcos's work were music, it would be pure psychedelic sixties. If it were colours, it would be all of those that stop rain falling. If it was touch, it would be velvet like those that form the lining of good guitars cases. If it were shoes they would be blue suede. And if it was character it would be written by Ian Fleming."

All this is the work of Marcos Torres, along with some other things: A powerful visual narrative and a particular and deliberate fantasy world, dominated by the cult of colour and visual impact and characterised by a strong connection with music iconography, movies and pop and rock and roll mythology.


Marcos Torres, who started his career as an independent artist over twelve years ago, has developed most of his work into the format of screenprinting, but also into his collections of limited edition t-shirts (what better hanger for a popular work of art?) record  and book covers, posters, museums (signed official shirts design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao) and even in movie credits. His work has been on several national TV programmes and in the printed media through interviews and articles in Vogue, EP3, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar and many more.

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