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"Why screen printing? Simply because there is nothing like it in terms of quality and colour intensity. The visual impact that artistic screen printing has simply cannot be achieved through any other printing process, whether mechanical or digital. The intensity of the reds, the extraordinary brightness of the yellows, the depth of the blues... now that's what I call colour!" This was how Marcos Torres answered an interview question at the beginning of his career as to why he chose screen printing as his method of artistic expression. He is not the first artist to fall in love with the qualities of this extraordinary printing technique: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Kandinsky and Miró, among many others, have used screen printing to produce a large part of their graphic output. They were all attracted by the boundless opportunities it opens for expression, its high level of durability and the extraordinary richness of colour that it offers.

The process of printing each piece is both complex and traditional as the artist works side by side with the printer. This process requires highly specialised and technical training, extraordinary accuracy and experience in the trade to be able to perfectly execute the task at hand. 


The moulds are destroyed once the printing process has finished so that no more copies are made, thus guaranteeing the originality of each piece in the series. Screenprints are always regarded as collector’s items as the printing technique allows for the creation of multiple originals in a limited series, as well as being numbered and signed by the artist and attached with a corresponding certificate of authenticity.

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